About Us

MACHINIST EXCHANGE was created to address the many problems that exist in the online marketplace for machining equipment. Most of the existing platforms are difficult to use, difficult to navigate, and don't allow the buyer and seller to execute a transaction directly on the site.

MACHINIST EXCHANGE is a full-service platform for buying and selling used machining equipment. A machine may be listed to be sold in an online auction, using a sophisticated auction engine, or equipment may be listed and sold using one of several different direct selling options.

Buyers can rest assured that the machinery they are buying will arrive undamaged and as described in the listing because the funds for the purchase of the machinery are held in a secure escrow account until the buyer acknowledges that the machine has arrived as expected.

Sellers will find that buyers are more likely to purchase online because of the protections that are offered on the site.

In short - MACHINIST EXCHANGE is an advanced and modern platform unlike any other.