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Easily Find Machines that Fit Your Shop’s Needs

Easy to Use

Quickly find machines that meet your specific needs at a price that is in line with your budget.

Listings are Kept Fresh

Listings are dynamically updated, and sellers must routinely verify that their machines remain available for purchase ensuring your time is optimized and that you can quickly find a machine for your shop.

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Online Auctions

Machinist Exchange’s proprietary auction system helps establish what the fair market price is for any machine tool.

Peace of Mind

Machinist Exchange has partnered with – a pioneering internet escrow company established in 1999 - to create an efficient and secure transaction platform for both buyers and sellers.

Using gives you peace of mind knowing that you are supported by a licensed and audited escrow service.

  • Online escrow that is simple and safe for both buyers and sellers.
  • Funds are not released to the Seller until the machine has been received and inspected.
  • Shipping and delivery are tracked by
  • Conflict resolution and mediation if necessary.
  • Compliant with relevant State laws.
  • Cost effective solutions

FiveAxis Marketing

Marketers for the Machining Industry

MACHINIST EXCHANGE’s sister company FiveAxis Marketing specializes in marketing of machine tools.  FiveAxis helps you to sell fast and grow your business.

Digital Marketing

Experts in the development, execution, monitoring and analysis of digital marketing programs and campaigns.

Sales Automation Systems

Our knowledge of the machining industry and experience inform how we customize and implement systems to support your business.

Website Design, Development and Hosting

Our Sales-Driven Design approach to web design drives optimal results using data

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You do not need to register on Machinist Exchange to view machines. You do need to register and provide basic information to participate in auctions, purchase machines, make offers or receive quotes.  Many features such as machine watchlists and reports are also only available to Machinist Exchange members.
  • There is not a fee to become a member of Machinist Exchange.
  • Many sellers on Machinist Exchange are open to receiving offers on their listed machines. Individual listings will indicate the sellers’ preferences and allow you to make a direct offer whenever possible.
  • There are no purchase fees that buyers are responsible for. If a buyer opts to use to facilitate the transaction, there are costs which are outlined below.
  • Machinist Exchange recommends using to facilitate your machine purchase. Other suggestions are to:
    • Carefully read the machine description provided by the seller,
    • Review all specifications to make sure they are aligned with your needs,
    • Look at all machine photos and videos
    • Reach out to the seller to ask clarifying questions.

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