Fair Market Value

Used machine tool pricing is constantly changing due to:

  • overall economic growth influencing demand for manufactured parts.
  • relative scarcity of specific equipment and other factors.

In consequence we believe fair market value is best achieved via a competitive bidding process, which will establish what you and other buyers are prepared to pay for a specific machine tool right at this moment.

Machinist Exchange has designed and hosts its proprietary onsite auction style listings which are accessible to all our members.   

In an auction-style listing sellers may name a starting price and and they may establish a reserve price. You bid with other buyers for the machine, and when the listing ends, the highest bidder wins the auction - at the fair market price for the machine at this moment in time.

Please keep in mind, a bid is always a binding contract and you are committed to buy the machine should you win the auction.

Auction style listings are an important feature of Machinist Exchange and to provide a secure and fair environment for you and sellers we have established a set of relevant rules and policies for the benefit of all. Please see the following information,
you need to know to bid on Machinist Exchange:

  • Guidelines for Buyers
    - When you bid on or buy an item, you're agreeing to the rules we've put in place for our community. 
  • Shill bidding policy
    - Find out what shill bidding is, and why it isn't allowed on Machinist Exchange.
  • Unpaid item policy
    - Learn about our rules around paying for items after a buyer has won an auction or agreed to make a purchase.