Professional Marketing Services

MACHINIST EXCHANGE is proud to present its partnership with FiveAxis Marketing exclusively to you. FiveAxis Marketing has specialised in marketing for the machining industry.

“We are a unique agency. We combine our deep insights into the machining industry with dynamic marketing, and customized systems to increase your leads and speed up your sales cycle.”

FiveAxis offer

  • Digital marketing
  • Propensity marketing
  • Sales funnels
  • CRM
  • Website development and hosting

Exclusively for you, MACHINIST EXCHANGE has secured the below offer. Please select any of these options and contact FiveAxis Marketing.

Five-Axis Marketing
Features Price
Customized email campaign ($1000 for 5.000 delivered mails) - design, layout, list, analytics $1,000
Social Media Marketing (posting on up to 3 platforms on the clients account) $250
Blog content creation (500 words)  $450
ebooks, whitepapers, infographics custom pricing
Paid search (campaign design) +ad cost / month $3,000
Sales funnel (standard template) $5,000
Custom Sales funnel $15,000
Website redesign/page (2 edits) $750
Website SEO optimization $1,000
Build website up to 10 pages

($450 per page after 10)

Bundles Custom pricing

Please refer for more details on this world class service to or, contact