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Tips and Tricks

Writing a relevant machine description

Descriptions help buyers find your listing and you’ll stand out when you highlight all they need to know at first glance.  Make sure you provide the machine specifics like brand, model, production year and condition, as well as potential upgrades you implemented. Important for your buyers are also the serial number and the location of your machine.  Please note your listing will show the serial number to be available only. It will be shared with your buyer after the transaction is complete, together with the precise location.

Take high quality videos and photos

A picture tells more than a thousand words, as the saying goes. Your buyers are highly interested in seeing the machine, and in judging its condition for themselves.  Ideally you add a video showing your machine in action and from all relevant angles. Make sure your visual material is of high quality. Clean it up and add a white background for maximum impact. When shooting, remember to light it well and capture eventual damages and blemishes to help your buyer avoid surprises.

Public Price

The choice between Public Price, Ask a Quote, Make an Offer  and Auction can depend on what you’re selling and how much of a hurry you’re in. Generally our recommendation is an auction style listing, as this will achieve the best market price for your machine, but if you’d prefer to let someone buy your item right away or the type of your machine has a well established price in the market, try the other options.

Setting the right price

When you list, think like a buyer! Search around to see how other sellers are pricing their machines and review our past auction results. This will help you when providing a quote, setting a price or even when setting the starting and reserve prices for auctions. You can also let your buyers know you’re willing to negotiate by asking for an offer on your listing.

Promoting your listing

On MACHINIST EXCHANGE all listings are visible to buyers in the same way, regardless of their selling format.  Choose to rank your listing higher through our Gold and SIlver options.  Buyers generally scan listings from top to bottom and the first listings always enjoy higher visibility and a better chance to sell.

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