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Flexible Options that Meet Every Shop’s Needs

Innovative Online Auctions

Easily list your used machines utilizing Machinist Exchange’s proprietary auction system.

Single Machine Listings or Value Driven Monthly Subscriptions

Whether you are looking to sell one machine or have an inventory of used equipment you would like to move, our flexible options provide a solution for everyone.

Featured Listings

Choose to have your machines appear at the top of the list and get noticed first by potential buyers.

Peace of Mind

Machinist Exchange has partnered with – a pioneering internet escrow company established in 1999 - to create an efficient and secure transaction platform for both buyers and sellers.

Using gives you peace of mind knowing that you are supported by a licensed and audited escrow service.

  • Online escrow that is simple and safe for both buyers and sellers.
  • Funds are not released to the Seller until the machine has been received and inspected.
  • Shipping and delivery are tracked by
  • Conflict resolution and mediation if necessary.
  • Compliant with relevant State laws.
  • Cost effective solutions

FiveAxis Marketing

Marketers for the Machining Industry

MACHINIST EXCHANGE’s sister company FiveAxis Marketing specializes in marketing of machine tools.  FiveAxis helps you to sell fast and grow your business.

Digital Marketing

Experts in the development, execution, monitoring and analysis of digital marketing programs and campaigns.

Sales Automation Systems

Our knowledge of the machining industry and experience inform how we customize and implement systems to support your business.

Website Design, Development and Hosting

Our Sales-Driven Design approach to web design drives optimal results using data

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are three choices regarding machine prices:
    • You may list a published price for your machine that all interested buyers can view and search by.
    • You may keep your price private and elect to provide quotes to interested buyers who request information.
    • You can choose to receive offers from interested buyers.
  • You will receive email notifications directly through the Machinist Exchange app. To ensure your machine sells quickly, be sure to check your mail frequently and respond to buyers as soon as possible.
  • Absolutely! Machinist Exchange provides incredible flexibility allowing you to either purchase a subscription or buy individual listings as needed.
  • You can choose to receive offers on any machine you list at no additional cost. Simply select this option when completing your listing.
  • Yes, you can send customized quotes to interested buyers.
  • When a buyer clicks on "Request a Quote," the seller will receive an email letting them know that a buyer has requested a quote.
  • The seller replies to the email from Machinist Exchange with the price quote.
  • Machinist Exchange immediately forwards this price quote to the potential buyer, who can choose to accept the quote or not.
  • If the buyer accepts the quote, they will be prompted to pay a deposit to lock the deal.  They can also choose whether they want to use the escrow service or not.
  • To create an auction, list a machine, or communicate with interested buyers, you must create an account on the Machinist Exchange app. There is no fee to create an account.  Flexible listing options are available to meet every budget.


  • No.  The buyer is responsible for all escrow fees for all purchases on MACHINIST EXCHANGE. 
  • The table below shows the fees paid by the buyer to use the escrow service.

Swipe the table right to left to view more info*

Transaction value Fees Fees
$0-$5,000: 3.25%
$5,000.01-$25,000: $162.50 + 0.26% of amount over $5,000
>$25,000: 0.89%
$25 charge in case of international wire transfers  
3.05% processing fee for payment via PayPal/Credit Card)  

Swipe the table right to left to view more info*