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Flexible Options to Meet Every Shop's Needs

MACHINIST EXCHANGE aims to make things easy.  That is why our pricing is straightforward.  There are meaningful options for shops looking to make room on their floor and just need to move one machine and for dealers selling hundreds of machines at a time.

Individual Listings

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Individual Dealer 10 Dealer 50 Dealer 100 Enterprise
No. Active Listings 1 10 50 100 1000
Price $19 / ea $99 / mo $399 / mo $699 / mo $999 / mo
Discounted Annual Contract N/A $999 / yr $4,000 / yr $7,125 / yr $9,999 / yr
Listing Duration 60 Days * Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited**
Notice Period 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Additional Listings $15 / ea $12 / ea $9 / ea $3 / ea
Listing Duration 60 Days * 60 Days * 60 Days * 60 Days *
No additional fees unless your machines sells. A final value fee of $500 or 1% of sale price, whichever is greater, for all listings sold on Machinist Exchange.
Premium Listing Discount N/A 20% 20% 20% 30%
Marketing Program Discounts N/A 20% 20% 20% 30%
Online Auction Set-Up Fee Discount N/A 20% 20% 20% 30%
Flexible Machine Listing Options          
Ability to upload photos and videos          
Access to Escrow.Com Payment Services          
Automated Response to Inquiries          
Data Imports        
Account Reports        
* Listings may be renewed after 60 days for an additional listing fee.
** After 60 days, the system will automatically ask you to verify the machine remains for sale.

Premium Listings

MACHINIST EXCHANGE offers two levels of featured listing options.  Maximize engagement by boosting your machine listing to the top of the list.  Featured listings stand out and have a better change of selling quickly.

GOLD:  Only 9 machines are allowed to be Gold at any time giving these machines maximum exposure.

  • Gold machines are always featured at the top lists.
  • Gold machines are permanently featured on the website.

SILVER: Shown directly below Gold listings, Silver listings have increased visibility, reaching more potential buyers.

  • Silver machines are featured below Gold listings and above non-premium listings.
  • Not limited in number

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Gold (limited to 9) Silver
Premium Listing Options $199/m $49/m
Listing   Top of page   Top of page after Gold
Featured Listings on Homepage