Top Tips for Selling Your Used CNC Machine

How to increase your odds of selling your used machine online

A little leg work at the beginning of your sales journey can be beneficial regarding how quickly your machine sells and the profit you realize.

Whether you are marketing your used machine yourself or using the services provided by online marketplaces, your listing will communicate both the quality of your machine and your professionalism.

Taking a few minutes to gather a few details and information will allow potential buyers to view both your shop and your machine positively.

We have included a few tips and suggestions below that will allow you to gather the information you need and create a successful listing.

Photos and Images

Used CNC Machine

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when creating an online listing. The images you share will convey the quality of the machine you are selling. Machines that appear well cared for and in excellent condition will attract more buyers and sell faster.

It is unnecessary to hire a professional photographer to put together useful photos for your listing. Here are a few easy steps you can take to help your machine stand out:

1. Clean the machine beforehand.

2. Ensure only the machine is in the photo - no tools, dirty rags, empty cans, people, etc.

3. Make sure there is adequate light. Natural lighting is ideal.

4. Use high-resolution settings.

5. Include all sides of the machine and closeups of the controller/screen and interior tooling.

6. Add photos of specification tags. If you have trouble getting clear photos of these tags, try using the macro setting on your digital camera or phone.

7. Although it may go against your instincts to include photos of blemishes or defects, it is a seller’s responsibility to provide honest information, and it can help protect you in the long run if a buyer tries to claim you did not disclose a defect.

8. Videos showing the machine under power are an effective feature.

Research Pricing on Your Used CNC Machine

Setting a realistic price out of the gate will increase your odds of your machine selling quickly and your shop receiving top dollar.

Research Pricing to Sell Your Used CNC Machine

To learn the current market value of your used CNC machine, you can reach out to dealers and brokers to get an appraisal or research similar machines online. Some factors to think about when establishing the price of your used machine include:

1. The age of the machine

2. The condition of the machine

3. The number of cutting hours

4. The type of metal cut

5. The CNC control

6. Demand for machine type

7. Availability of similar new machine models

Make Yourself Available and Respond Quickly

More than likely, a buyer is considering multiple machines. Providing information promptly will convey a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism.

Since many applications require narrow specifications and shops might need specific controls to complement other CNC machines, answering questions quickly will allow a potential buyer to consider your machine before moving to alternatives.

If you are selling multiple machines, you can point them to a different model that would be a good fit if the one they are viewing does not meet their needs.

Include Detailed Information

Providing as many details, options, and specifications, as you can accurately include is important. This will allow potential buyers to learn if your machine meets the parameters they have established and bypasses potentially time-consuming back-and-forth communications.

Here are a few suggestions for information you can include outside of the standard machine specifications that buyers might find useful and, therefore, more readily consider your machine:

1. Detail what type of programming the machine uses.

2. Scan images of owner’s manuals and technical sheets.

3. Include information about what is missing or perhaps not working.

4. Provide measurements using both the Imperial and Metric systems.

Provide Background Information

The history and story of the machine can also be important to potential buyers. Including background information can help potential buyers answer the following questions and decide if they should consider your used machine.

CNC Machine Operator

If available, including information to address the following questions will be powerful:

1. Is a professional inspection certification available?

2. How many hours has the machine been under power?

3. What type of metals did the machine cut?

4. Have there been any major repairs?

In Conclusion

Getting the most value possible from your used machinery is important. Taking a few simple steps, as we have outlined above, will ensure you have done everything possible to optimize your sale.