MACHINIST EXCHANGE is a modern, easy-to-use marketplace for the machining industry. We created the platform to offer buyers and sellers a unique platform that caters to each of their needs.

For buyers, our platform's use of Escrow provides an efficient and secure method of entrusting a significant amount of funds often required to purchase industrial machinery tools.

And for sellers, our unique design allows you to complete transaction workflow on our platform. Let's explore some of the ways we address the many challenges of the online equipment trade, which separates our product from the competitor:

Full Service

    • Complete the transaction onsite
    • Great value with onsite auctions and a host of selling options

Secure and Safe Payment

    • Make buying easy
    • Speed up the process 

Selling at its Best

    • Leads worth your while
    • Money-back guarantee

Machinist Exchange is Buying at its Most Convenient

    • Listings kept fresh
    • Built with essential services
The Machinist Exchange Platform


MACHINIST EXCHANGE is a full-service platform for buying and selling used machining equipment.

We allow sellers to list their equipment with multiple selling options. Sellers may choose to auction their machines, provide a public price, and ask buyers to make an offer.

We execute all of these transaction types on the MACHINIST EXCHANGE platform. And through email messaging, we keep you up-to-date on every step of the transaction process.

Machinist Exchange is Selling at its Best

You must be a registered member to participate on either end of a MACHINIST EXCHANGE transaction.

We work to verify the identity of all our users so that Sellers and Buyers alike can enjoy a protected and ensured marketplace. To this end, our platform will automatically enforce our community guidelines and terms and conditions.

Buyers are required to finalize transactions as agreed. And Sellers are expected to make their listed machines available.

At MACHINIST EXCHANGE, we feel so confident in your success and our platform that we offer a full refund guarantee. You sell, or we will fully refund your original payment!*

Buying at its most convenient

Listings on MACHINIST EXCHANGE are designed to deliver accurate and up-to-date information to the Buyer. We automatically review active listings and work with Sellers to ensure they keep their listings authentic and recent.

Buyers who initiate purchases and search for new machinery will appreciate this feature, so they do not waste time on inactive listings.

One of the most important features we are proud to offer Buyers is the essential services you need to get your machines into the shop once you close the deal. Check out the transportation and installation options on our website. It's a complete service!

Check us out - MACHINIST EXCHANGE is an advanced and modern platform unlike any other.

(*) Terms and conditions apply.  See details here